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Welcome to the JLM LAB!

Overview of Our Research

Phylogenomics employs genome scale sequence data to resolve organismal relationships, and investigate genome and gene family evolution within the context of organismal  relationships. Our lab uses phylogenomic approaches to explore the ecological, genomic, molecular and developmental processes that contribute to phenotypic diversification and speciation. Research foci include the evolution of ecologically important characters in land plants (e.g. mating system traits, adaptations to extreme environments and pathogen response), and genome evolution following polyploidy events. Much of our research involves phylogenetically based analyses, and we are working with collaborators to develop new empirical and analytical tools to extend the use of phylogenetic methods in comparative genomics. These tools form the foundation for comparative studies aimed at testing the degree to which characterizations of gene function and regulatory networks in model systems are applicable to other plant species (and visa-versa).

Image via [http://web.physics.ucsb.edu/~hhansma/origins.htm]

Images by Adam Bewick

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